Extreme diet seen as diabetes treatment

by admin on June 25, 2011

NEWCASTLE, England, Jun twenty-four (UPI) — An impassioned diet of only 600 calories a day has been shown to retreat a goods of Type 2 diabetes in as small as a week, British researchers say.

Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University says a diet causes fat levels in a pancreas to plummet, restoring normal function, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

Taylor asked eleven volunteers not long ago diagnosed with a condition to go upon a diet of specifically formulated drinks as well as non-starchy vegetables for 8 weeks.

After only a initial week a patients’ pre-breakfast blood-sugar levels totalled normal, suggesting scold pancreas duty had been restored.

At a finish of a 8 weeks, all a investigate participants had managed to retreat their diabetes.

Taylor concurred which a impassioned inlet of a diet done him a small desperate about how most people could hang with it.

“Maybe 5 per cent,” he said. “However, if they did, it would save a [National Health Service] most millions of pounds.”

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